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Life and Love

Life is a strange thing.

I is like a never ending enigma.

You believe youíve found the answers,

yet you find that you have more questions

to that answer. You think you know what you have

desired, but when you finally get it you desire something

else.Love is much the same, like life, it is also an enigma. A

never ending question that you ponder day-in and day-out. But this

enigma stumps people every day. There is a saying , " Canít live with

'em, canít live without Ďem." In the new day and age this is becoming

increasingly true. with divorce rates at a high there is proof. Every one

believesthey have found their sole mate and they jump into the

relationship without thinking. It is like leaping into a cauldron of

water that is slowly heating to a boil. The water is all right in

the beginning. Then it starts to get warm, but not unbearably warm.

Then after a while the water starts to boil, and you canít bear to

stay in any longer, so you jump out and run away.

Author: Bradly