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First off my name is Bradly, and I am an Eagle Scout of troop 32 in CA. I am also a proud member, and Chapter chief, of the Order of the Arrow .I attended Las Plumas High, or LP as it is known by most people, for high School, and currently play the Trumpet for the
Marching and concert band.
The hobbie I have the least time for is Soccer, but I have many other hobbies, many of which I do in Boy Scouts. For instance I Love to rapel, and I love to go camping and hiking. Recentaly, I have grown a desire to be on the Air Waves as a HAM radio operator ( I am working on my liscense and will post call sign when I recieve it). I own Magic the Gathering, and other CCG's,and I am also interested in Indian crafts; Chokers, Dream catchers, and regalia. These are just some of the many aspects of my life
if you want to know more contact me @ either my Email or ICQ me @ 6533653 and feel free to chat with me. Please give 2 or 3 days for a reply...

My Favorite things

My favorite color is: Teal or an Aqua
MY Favorite kind of music is: Oldies & Alternitive
My Favorite drink is: Pepsi
My Favorite Cartoon is: Scooby-doo
School: LP ( Las PLumas )
Band: LP-O ( Las PLumas - Oroville )