This is essential to join the web ring. you need to display this somewhere on your site. For now there is only this:

This site is a part of Scouts of Troop 32, this is (Your name here)'s page.
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Copy and paste as follows:

<!-- Begin HTML comment NOTE: This is a generic, default HTMLfragment - modify me or remove this line. This is an HTMLfragment to be pasted at the bottom of your webpage for the --ringtitle-- WebRing. It is what links you to the rest of the ring. :) End HTML comment --> <p> <center> This site is a part of <a href="">Scouts of Troop 32</a>, this is <a href="">Brad</a>'s page. <br> [ <a href="--navurl--?ring=--ringid--;id=--id--;prev">Previous</a> | <a href="--navurl--?ring=--ringid--;id=--id--;next">Next</a> | <a href="--navurl--?ring=--ringid--;random">Random Site</a> | <a href="--navurl--?ring=--ringid--;list">List Sites</a> | <a href=";addform">Join</a> ] </center> <p>

But very soon there will be a Smaller Icon that will enable you to display it on your first page
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